What is your warranty?

Land Of The Waterfalls Company Warranty


As we know, and planting and growing perishable plants might be hectic and there are high chances of replacing these materials. Conditions such as extreme cold or heat, water inadequacy and poor planting procedures might again invite plant replacement which is an extra expense apart from those you had planned for.

What is your warranty?
At Land Of Waterfalls Company, buy cialis plants are planted using the right procedures, carefully grown under favorable conditions in order to allow them flourish and thrive. We guarantee quality and disease- free shrubs, trees and other perennial plants. The company utilizes latest technology and planting procedures as per landscape and horticultural regulations. After planting, we fully take the responsibility of taking care and availing adequate conditions for plant survivability.

Land Of Waterfalls Company has designing process which includes analyzing both aesthetic aspect and cultural requires of trees, shrubs and perennial plants. We analyze the plant requirements such as climatic exposure, plant adaptability, sunlight and soil sensitivity.

We do free replacements for any perishable plant lost. However, in the case where there was earlier landscape project installed, we cannot do free replacements. Our warranty takes one year to expire and we guarantee one time plant replacement.

Land Of Waterfalls only warranties trees or plants that were installed, cared for and watered by our personnel only. We also offer one year (1 time) warranty for workmanship and Landscaping materials. This basically depends on product or planted material. With our experience and latest technology, we do landscaping on streams, lakes, pool, wellspring and waterfalls just to give them an a stunning look. In addition, we professionally do Landscape improvements on garages, walkways and patios. We guarantee best results to our customers always. waterstoneslandscaping.ca can also give a lot of good suggestion.

In case the client requests for transplanting because of aesthetic reasons, we will happily do so but cannot guarantee free replacements beyond 3 moths. Again, loss of perishable materials as result of neglegence of the consumer is not accounted for.

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